A little about myself


My name is Melanie Stadnik Fuller.  I am the daughter of the late Virginia Stadnik, Master Cake Decorator and charter member of the International Cake Exploration Society (ICES).

I have grown up in the world of cake decorating and sugar art.  I have mastered cake decorating through years of study and under my mother - taking her courses and teaching cake decorating classes for her shop.  My mother traveled the states and internationally to learn her craft.

I have decorated cakes from a very early age.  In my only two cake decorating competitions at ages 13 and 16, I placed 1st competing with adults.  I knew then that this is what I wanted to do - to carry on the legacy of my mother.

For several years I taught cake decorating classes at Columbus State University (CSU) - later teaching classes for my small business.

Even after all these years, I am still learning new methods in cake decorating and sugar art.  I love to take a vision someone has and make it come to life.  What a great feeling it is to see a customer's eyes as they see their creation just as it was imagined.